Scanning Attention
  • ▶ 16 Memory Channels
  • ▶ Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection(25KHz/12.5KHz)
  • ▶ VOX Transmission
  • ▶ Multifunctional Scanning
  • ▶ Multi Definition for Sidekey
  • ▶ High/Middle/Low Power(10W/5W/1W)
  • ▶ Busy Lock Function
  • ▶ Battery Save Function
  • ▶ Programmable By Computer
  • ▶ 1750Hz Burst Tone
  • ▶ English/Chinese Voice Guide
  • ▶ Non-Standard CTCSS can be Programmed
  • ▶ Low Battery Cut
  • ▶ Battery Save Function
Frequency Range VHF:134-174MHz
Antenna Configuration Loaded antenna
Antenna Resistance 50
Channel Number 16 Working Mode Same/different-frequency simplex
Voltage 8VDC
Working Temperture -10°~+50db Size 132.7*56*36MM
Receiver Part Transmitter Part
Frequency Range VHF:134-174MHZ
Frequency Range VHF:134-174MHZ
Sensitivity ≤0.2uv RF Power 10W
Occupied Bandwidth 16KHZ Type of Modulation 16KF¢3E
Adjacent Channel ≥65db Spurious Radiation ≤7.5uW
Inter Modulation ≥55db Modulation Nosie <-40dB
Max Audio Output Power 1W Moldulation Distorion <5%
Audio Distortion ≤5% Max Frequency Dviation ≤±5KHZ
Frequency Tolerance 5ppm TX Current ≤2300mA
RX current Standby 80mA,Talking 220mA AUDIO Response +6~-14dB
Audio Response +7~-12.5dB Adjacent Channel Power +7~-12.5dB
Reference Frequency 26.000MHZ Modulation Sensitivity 8-12mv

Standard Accessories